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Off Grid Solar System

R 17100,00
Sales price without tax: R 15000,00
Tax amount: R 2100,00

Samil SolarRiver 1100TL-S - 1.0kW - DC

R 5830,11
Sales price without tax: R 5114,13
Tax amount: R 715,98

150L Low Pressure

R 6632,52
Sales price without tax: R 5818,00
Tax amount: R 814,52

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Professional customer service team,Rich practical experience, have the courage to tackle the difficulties of the product management team.

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Dedicated customer service personnel, one-on-one service gives customers access to the fastest and the first time a comprehensive service.

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Product diversification, Solar Power System, Lights, Accessories

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Tidy working environment,Improve the environmental management system